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Soap making DIY You gotta try this

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Soap making DIY              You gotta try this

Are you looking for a fun and easy activity to do with your kids?

Try soap making. It is easy, cost not much and the final product is super nice and can be used in your everyday life.

The easiest way to make your own soap is by buying melt-and-pour glycerin soap. You can find it online easily. It is not expensive and there’re is different flavors. You can buy clear or plain glycerin bars. Then all you have to do is add food coloring (just a drop at the time) and drops of essential oils for scent and their individual properties.

Imagination is the secret ingredient

You will also need a silicone mold, a knife and a spatula.

Then all you need left is your imagination.

You can add activated charcoal powder or even dried cranberry seeds. You buy those at the same place than the melt-and-pour soap.

The steps

You cut in tiny pieces (it melts faster) the melt-and-pour soap (small quantities at the time is you want your soap to have multiple color layers).

Then you melt it in the microwave (10 seconds at the time maximum) or, as I do, above a chocolate fondue stove. If you use this last option you fill the fondue bowl with boiling water, then you place it on the stove and you put your melt-and-pour in a ceramic bowl on top (so it keep its hotness).

Afterwards, you add essential oil drops (see the label for the best concentration to use depending on which one you use) plus the food coloring. You mix until it is all melt and you pour it in the mold. You do this for each layer. Once the mold is full you wait until it is hard enough when you touch it (your finger does not leave a trace) and you press with your hand so all layers are “gluing” to each other.

You wait 45 minutes and your soap is ready to use.

When not using it, leave it in a plastic wrap (Saran-rap type) so it doesn’t shrink.

Have fun trying different shapes and colors!

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